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Day 11 - Gratitude

Gratitude requires a certain type of endurance.

It takes patience—especially with ourselves. It’s an intentional habit, crafted over time, that enables us to see things, people, places, and circumstances properly, keeping our perspective fresh and our goals and ambitions all the more attainable. Monks know that gratitude is the foundation to a meaningful and happy life.

Initially, gratitude can feel unnatural, and a bit unsettling. 

We might think: how can we be grateful when reality falls so short from our expectations? We might wonder: what if gratefulness is merely a mental sugar pill? A trick, hindering our progress and making us complacent? remainder of reflection here.

Action Step:

Are you more or less grateful than you were as a child? How do you experience gratitude differently now?

Gratitude Tips:

- Often our growth of gratitude is tied to expanding our awareness of the good in our lives. Consider setting out to write a list of 100 things you’re grateful for - or alternatively write three things you are grateful for everyday for a year (but don’t repeat anything). This will stretch your awareness to see things you may have missed.

- Do a lifetime gratitude inventory and write down the three things you are most grateful for respective to each decade of your life.

- Begin keeping a daily gratitude journal. 

- Take regular time to slow down and take a walk through nature. Nature has an incredible way of inspiring gratitude in us.

- It’s likely many others in your life are grateful for you. When you receive positive feedback or compliment really take it in and appreciate the good in you.

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons