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Day 12 - Simplicity

There is an understated power to simplicity.

When we live a life of simplicity, we strip away the barriers inhibiting us from living out of our true self. We’re freed from the complex web of distractions and false needs we’ve built into our relationships, routines, and expectations. This freedom then resonates throughout our life, built upon a strong sense of steadiness and vision.

Simplicity begins with letting go. Monks express this tangibly by pairing down to the essentials—both emotionally and physically—liberating themselves from the things that weigh down their mind, body, and spirit. remainder of reflection here.

Action Step:

What is your current relationship to silence and stillness? 

Simplicity Tips:

- Try keeping the radio off in the car for a month.

- Fast from music, television and technology on Sundays or another day of the week. Build a silent Sabbath into your weekly schedule.

- Try to focus on actively talking less and listening more in conversation. 

- Rather than play music while you work - try wearing sound deafening earplugs. The silence may feel uncomfortable at first but you will likely find yourself doing deeper and more important work as you cut out the distractions offered by sound.

- Spend a month doing some inner decluttering. You can do this by limiting the news and information you consume via the radio, podcasts, television and online to certain times of the day—while simultaneously carving out time for silence and solitude.

- Consider eliminating visual noise in your home or office and spend a month doing some outer decluttering. Spend 15 minutes a day focused on simplifying clutter on your desk, on your walls and in your drawers.

- For one month, don’t spend money on anything that isn’t truly an absolute need. At the end of the month reflect on your experience.

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons