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Day 13 - Intentionality

Monks know that their time and presence

is the most valuable currency they have. 

They’re constantly in touch with a truth that the modern world often forgets: how we spend our time is how we spend our lives. 

All too often, the way we spend our time is disconnected from the vision we have for our life. In any given moment, we can feel overwhelmed by it all. So many choices, so many thoughts, so many feelings—all clamoring for a reaction. And so we react. Sometimes poorly, sometimes inadequately, sometimes half-heartedly. We give the important people and events of our life scraps of our attention, while enabling distraction to consumes us. remainder of reflection here.

Action Step:

Which of the following areas of your life are you currently most intentional? Which are you currently the least intentional?

Relationships - Physical - Spiritual - Work/Vocation - Personal Growth - Play

Intentionality Tips:

- Write out your top three priorities for each day - with the first one being the most important priority for the day. If possible work in order and don't move on to the next priority until you have finished the first.

- Build the habit of planning your daily priorities and schedule the night before so you wake up ready to begin your day.

- After you plan your week, look at each commitment, and ask yourself:“Is this really essential to what’s important to me?” If the answer is no, cancel it. 

- Begin time blocking your day. For each hour of the day write out what you intend to be doing/investing your time in. Then live into the day with a level of flexibility and presence.

- For one day, pay attention to small things that you do that could hurt other people or yourself, make a plan to start improving one of those things.

- Begin with the end in mind. Write down a goal you have and then work backwards on what you would need to do in order to achieve that goal.


Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons