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Day 14 - Order

**Apologies in advance for the jarring cut in today's video!

You’ve probably noticed that there’s a rhythm to the life you’re leading.

You have systems, habits—a set of actions and behaviors you’re constantly repeating on autopilot. From time to time it’s worth asking the question: does this routine bring a sense of peace and order? Does it align with your real priorities? 

In a distracted culture, the word “routine” can show up to the party with a black eye. It’s easily mistaken as with a life of mundane repetition: equal parts ordinary, dull, and stifling. Because of this misconception we may instinctively want to run away from it as fast as we can. We evade anything that smells remotely close to a humdrum life, constantly on the lookout for something more novel. ... read the remainder of the reflection here.

Action Step:

What currently is your biggest non-value adding distraction for your time? What boundaries can you create to help minimize or eliminate this distraction?

Order Tips:

- Write down the 6 most important things in your life (family, work, etc) then order them from most important to least important. Spend sometime thinking about how your ordering is reflected, or isn't reflected, in the way you organize your schedule.

- What do you do differently on your best days? What do you do differently on your worst days? Take time to adjust your schedule to make room for the things that lead to your best days.

- Commit to time blocking for one month. Each day block out every hour of your day and how you plan to spend it.

- Create a morning routine and commit to following it for one month. The more consistent it is from day-to-day the better.

- Create an evening routine and commit to following it for one month. The more consistent it is from night-to-night the better.

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons