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Day 2 - Formula for Fullness

A New Way

We are at a moment in time when human beings have a remarkable capacity for getting things done. Assisted by technology and unprecedented access to information/training, our ability to grow and achieve seems somewhat limitless. And yet, rather than feeling liberated by our newfound abilities, we instead feel an increased internal pressure to achieve and “crush our goals.”

Goals are not bad. In fact for many of us they are quite necessary, and for all of us they are useful. But our obsession with doing has left us as a culture and as individuals with a nagging sense that we are always 2-3 steps behind. Life feels like a game of catchup with some invisible opponent always 1 lap ahead.

We’ve recently become aware as a culture of the increasing anxiety that results from this always on the go lifestyle. We see the need for being rather than just doing.

Except... we make a critical error. We make the mistake of thinking of being as just another to-do. We carve out our window dedicated to “being” hoping it will serve as a counter balance to the weight of doing that we feel on a daily basis.

True Being and true Doing always come together as integrated realities. We are always being and doing every moment of our lives. And as we learn to elevate our capacity for being and doing, to shift from a quantitative approach to life to a qualitative one, we find the increased fullness and peace we long for.

And paradoxically - we also become remarkably productive.

Action Step:

Answer the following...

On a scale of 1 - 10 how satisfied are you with your current level of “Being?” (10 being highest)

On a scale of 1 - 10 how satisfied are you with your level of “Doing?” (10 being highest)

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons