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Day 29 - Courage and Honesty

Fear is the Enemy of Fullness

It's easy for us on our path of growth to feel overwhelmed. We can fall into the trap of comparing our current state with our ideal state and struggling to find how we are ever going to cross the chasm that exists between the two.

That is where fear starts creeping in. Fear that tells us we are not good enough. Fear that tells us we should already be farther along. Fear that tells us we will be alone on our path and that at the end of the day we may find we just didn't have what it takes. Fear that encourages us to lie, even to ourselves.

When you find yourself falling into patterns of fear gently and courageously (because it takes courage to trust the process of life) bring yourself back to the present moment. Everything that you need to take the next step is right in front of you. Enough for today is the work of today. When we learn to trust the process, and focus on progress over perfection, we are able to move beyond fear into a place of growth.

Action Step:

What is an area of your life that you are struggling in? What is one small step you can make in that area - focusing on progress rather than perfection?

Steven Lawson

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