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Day 30 - Trust the Process

Staying Inspired

When you find yourself battling fear, here are two ways to combat it...

The first is to reconnect with your purpose. We all have a unique gift to share with the world. Your unique gift is not your mother's or father's unique gift. It's not your best friend's unique gift or your hero's unique gift. It's your unique gift. And it's in knowing and giving this gift that you will find a continual source of inspiration and strength.

The second is to engage the community and relationships that already surround you. Remember you are not alone and that fear thrives on isolation. There are people in your life that love you and want only good things for you. Stay connected and build community for yourself and others.

If you do both these things you will be well on your way to a life uncommon. You will be well on your way to a life of peaceful being and purposeful doing. 

Action Step:

What is the greatest lesson you've learned from this course that you want to apply to your life? Write it down so you can reference it later.

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons