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Day 4 - A System of Life

PAR Method

While we all have systems of life, monks have a unique system that focuses on fostering the ideal conditions for the growth of awareness and wisdom.

We may not be able to port over the exact form of monk’s system of life, but we can port over its function. We do this through the intentional practice of preparation, action, and reflection in our daily lives. 

This seemingly simple three step process holds the key to authentic productivity as it offers us the ability to apply wisdom, in real time, to our lives. And this wisdom allows us to see and act on the most important things in our life, and through this action to experience a deeper sense of fullness and being.

Action Step:

Can you think of any projects, endeavors, or goals you've focused on in the past that you realized midstream or after the fact that it wasn’t actually worth focusing on? What changed for you? What led to this realization?

If you have a hard time thinking of something specific use the following prompts.

- Physical goals that may have been misguided.

- Professional goals that may have been misguided.

- Relationship goals that may have been misguided.

- Spiritual goals that may have been misguided.

Steven Lawson

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