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Day 5 - What's On Your Table?

Bringing Awareness to Your Time

Time can seem rather infinite for most of our lives. Every moment that passes is immediately followed by the gift of another, making it difficult for us to sense  just how concrete and finite our time really is. As a result we need greater intentionality around measuring and observing our time than we would other resources like money.

Each day we wake up with a certain allotment of energy units, and by the conclusion of each day, we have spent every last one of those units. It’s important for us to become aware of what we give our energy to. By observing what we spend our living days on, we come to find which areas of our life we are actually investing in and which we are not.

And once we see what we are investing in we can assess whether or not these investments are helping us on the path to a fuller life.

Action Step:

Draw a rectangle representing the top of a table. Underneath the table start writing down some of the things that make up how you spend your time in a given week. What are the main categories and activities? What are the everyday reoccurring things you do everyday?

Next draw the category/activity on the table - giving it the amount of room on the table that it takes up in a given week. This can be through drawing a simple circle with the word in the middle or drawing a representative object.

If you have trouble getting a good sense of how you spend your time walk through the past three days hour by hour writing down what you did and roughly how long it took. We are not aiming for 100% accuracy here, just a starting point.

After you’re done take a couple of minutes and reflect on the following.

Is there anything missing?

Is there anything that surprises me?

Do I love everything on this table?

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons