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Day 7 - The Path to Simplicity

There is nothing simpler than being yourself

It's much easier to want to live intentionally than it is to actually live intentionally. It sounds so nice, but in practice it's very difficult to implement. And discipline is rarely the real reason we struggle.

While we all may want to choose things that align with what is most important in our lives, having clarity about what is most important can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes we can feel like we are walking in complete darkness. Other times it may feel like we're surrounded by the intense bright light of other people's opinions and expectations. Either way the result is the same... we don't have the ability to see and perceive clearly. Knowing and living what we really want, underneath it all, is a lifelong endeavor. Sometimes it means turning down the lights, sometimes it means learning to see in the dark.

For most of us our vision is clouded by a 100 past and present voices all telling us a different story about what it is we should value. 

Want to be healthy in 2020? Don't eat eggs! Eat eggs! Exercise is important! Diet is more important! Buy this program! Take this pill! 

We live in a culture where information comes cheaply, and wisdom is expensive.

In order to tap into wisdom we must learn to sift through the constant noise to hear the interior voice that guides us.

Action Step:

What is the biggest decision you are currently wrestling with? What/who are the voices in your head (from past and present) that are debating the decision? 

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons