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Day 5 - Vision & Planning

A Daily Rhythm



Welcome to Day 5 of the Year of Full(er) Living. Today you will be creating an inventory of your morning and evening routine, and then crafting a vision for your ideal routines moving forward. You will also be spending some time with the Monk Manual Daily Page, which helps bring the PAR Method to your daily work and relationships. You can get a more in depth walkthrough of the Monk Manual Daily Page here. The download of the Monk Manual Daily Page can be found below.

Video Overview

- The Three Levels of Productivity

- The Par Method and the Natural Cycle of Life

- Pages 24-27 walkthrough

Download the Monk Manual Daily Page here

Download the workbook here

Download printer friendly worksheets here

The Camp

Join the conversation in our Facebook group, “The Camp.” You can join The Camp here. If you're not on Facebook and have feedback you would like to share during the course please feel free to email us anytime at




Course Content

Vision & Planning Workbook

Download the Vision and planning workbook to go along with the 5-day course.

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