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A New Program for Being and Doing

The Peace and Purpose Circle is a new membership program designed to help you grow in meaningful productivity and personal peace through coaching, education, and community.

• Focus on the most important things

• Stay present to your life

• Live out your deeper purpose

• Build the skills and habits for full(er) living

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We’re on a mission to fix modern productivity and help people live full(er) lives. 

Inspired by the wisdom of monks, and rooted in psychology, we design practical tools for peaceful being and purposeful doing.

While standalone tools are helpful, personal growth is accelerated with continuous coaching, education, and community support.

Introducing the Monk Manual

A new monthly membership program designed to support you on the journey of self-discovery and growth so that you can live a full(er) life and create lasting impact.

Watch a brief message from Monk Manual Founder Steven Lawson

Members Get Access To:


Each month, Steven Lawson, founder of the Monk Manual, will be helping you work through your specific roadblocks by providing practical tools and insights to transcend whatever you’re struggling with on your path to a full(er) life.


You will get access to a growing library of content and tools to help you on your journey. Over time, this library will grow and you will even have the opportunity to shape what we create next. 


You’ll join a private community made up of people who are serious about living deep and meaningful lives. You will benefit from the accountability, connection, and wisdom of some incredible people facing many of the same challenges.


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Who is this for?

If these describe you, you’re probably a great fit for the Peace and Purpose Circle

  • You are naturally good at “being” but want to develop a greater capacity for following through, staying organized, and achieving your goals.
  • You are naturally good at “doing” but want to be more present in your life and relationships while finding a deeper sense of meaning in your daily work.
  • You are interested in reaching a higher potential in your life and are willing to do the difficult work of growing in personal honesty and awareness.
  • You believe that your life has a spiritual dimension and that you have a unique and unrepeatable purpose to share with the world.
  • You’re heavily interested in making a positive impact on the world and those around you.
  • You are open to engaging and learning from a diverse community of people committed to growing in wisdom.
  • You desire to live a full life, not only as a whole, but also in every passing moment.
  • You’ve achieved some of your goals in life, but now want something deeper and more meaningful.
  • You want to build a life of peaceful being AND purposeful doing.

Who is this not for?

  • You don’t believe you would benefit from coaching, are not interested in feedback, or don’t see a need for change (or don’t want change).
  • You don’t believe you have much influence over your life or sense of fulfillment.
  • You sense your already living in a way that focuses on the things most important to you.
  • You’ve intentionally worked out great systems in your life and feel a sense of flow to your day more often than not.
  • You’ve already reduced the clutter from your life and feel you have an abundance of time to devote to living more purposefully.
  • You’re not yet ready to commit to taking the next step on your journey towards a full(er) life.

Joining the Monk Manual Peace and Purpose Circle will help you:

  • Grow in self-awareness and personal honesty.
  • Become a master of challenging assumptions.
  • Discover your core, and then leverage these strengths.
  • Make better strategic decisions.
  • Increase in confidence and courage to tackle the challenges of life.
  • Share wisdom and community with other purpose-driven people.
  • Enhance your Monk Manual practice.
  • Develop practical skills to build a more peaceful and organized life.
  • Cultivate simplicity and gratitude.
  • Learn strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • Develop your capacity to say “no.”
  • Enhance your productivity.
  • Eliminate perfectionism and procrastination.
  • Focus on what matters most to you.
  • Build Great Habits.
  • Learn to master goal setting.
  • Gain clarity on your personal life vision.
  • Understanding what you want.
  • Tap into your creativity.
  • Live out monastic principles in a busy world.
  • Learn the art of slowing down.
  • Increase a sense of transcendence in your daily life.


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Manual is grateful to serve an incredibly diverse group of the most intentional people in the world. The Peace & Purpose Circle will connect them with each other. This circle will provide a space for learning, dynamic conversations, inspiration and support for meaningful growth and impact.

Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead

How it works

  • Sign up now to get 50% off your membership
  • Access a curated content library to further your peace and purpose journey
  • Connect with other members who are on similar journeys
  • Participate in group coaching sessions (2x per month)

What's Included

Access to Monk Manual Content Hub

Gain access to a growing library of self service content, courses, and tools from Monk Manual. A new video added every week that focuses on ideas and practical tools to help you live a full(er) life! Watch at your own pace.

Biweekly Live Group Coaching Sessions

Join our founder, Steven Lawson, twice a month for group coaching on topics like productivity, habits, goal setting, creativity and finding peace in daily life. This is the time we address your specific questions and any roadblocks on your path to full(er) living. Join us live, or submit your question virtually and watch the recording at whatever time works best for you.

Biweekly Monk Manual Office Hours

Learn and share best practices with some of our most committed Monk Manual practitioners and members of the Monk Manual team. Join us live, or watch the recording at whatever time works best for you.

Membership to Private Online Community

Join an extraordinary community of purpose- driven individuals who share the same dedication to living a full(er) life. Not only will you benefit from encouragement, accountability, and support that comes from advancing with others, you’ll also benefit from their diverse experiences and insights.

Weekly Inspiration

Receive our exclusive weekly “Future Self” emails to help you stay motivated and aligned with your deeper purpose.

For the Community By the Community

Our vision for this program is to be community-led which means we will be evolving and updating the program overtime based on needs and ideas from members. Here is just a short list of some of the added bonus features and programming we have in mind: guest speakers, virtual retreats, being and doing challenges, bonus articles, guided exercises, Monk Manual in-depth guides, and productivity/life management tool reviews and recommendations.

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About Steven Lawson

Steven Lawson is the founder and creator of the Monk Manual, a productivity company on a mission to fix productivity. After spending a decade pushing himself to every limit in the workforce alongside his colleagues and friends, he slowed down, looked around and realized something was wrong. The ways of modern productivity are making people sick (and unproductive). Determined to find a way of life that accounts for the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—Steven began a soulful journey that has led him to develop the Monk Manual. Inspired by the wisdom of monks, and rooted in psychology, the Monk Manual is the first of several practical tools designed for peaceful being and purposeful doing. In addition to the Monk Manual Steve serves is a strategic consultant to a number of for profit and nonprofit companies. He is currently working on his first book exploring the intersection of productivity, peace, and purposeful living. Steven lives in Buffalo, New York with his wife Lauren and their three children.

Monk Manual

The 90 day system for peaceful being and purposeful doing.