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Weekly Pages

Purpose : Intentionality : Freedom

Our weeks are powerful opportunities for us to see the trends of life and find a broader perspective on what’s going well and what’s not.

Often productivity problems aren’t due to a lack of skills, but rather a lack of personal awareness. Some of our greatest insights can only be seen when we step back and assess our progress honestly and without judgment.

Our Weekly Pages are unique from other systems and focused to help:

  • • Set overarching priorities for the week to help anchor your daily focus and activities
  • • Intentionally invest in personal growth and your relationships
  • • Adjust our plans, schedules and routines to better accommodate our goals in the weeks ahead
  • • Get in touch with ourselves, and God, on a deeper level


10-15 Minutes

Sunrise Clouds

Start of each week:

What are my top 3 goals for the week?

Ex. "I want to make progress on my garden, file my taxes, and launch my new website"

What actions can I take this week to grow personally?

Ex. "I can prep for study group enough to be fully prepared to lead discussions"



10-15 Minutes

Sunset Clouds

End of each week:

What went well?

Ex. "My presentation at the quarterly meeting was well received"

What are my takeaways?

Ex. "When I get stressed, I get distracted. I need more breaks in my day - slow down to speed up"


By slowing down and reflecting, you’ll save countless time as you say no to the projects and goals that you never really cared about anyway.

How others in the community are using their Weekly Pages:

Need a kickstart? Here are some examples of how some Monk Manual members are getting the most out of their Weekly Pages. Remember: There is no right or wrong way! Let yourself grow into a system that feels right to you.

Monk Manual use example
Monk Manual use example
Monk Manual use example

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