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Day 1 - Your Why

What's Your Why?

Today marks the beginning of your thirty day journey towards fuller being and doing. This is not your standard course in productivity. This is a course focused on how to elevate your everyday experience of life.

Chances are you signed up for this course because there is some area of your life you would like to improve. There may be specific behaviors that come to mind, or maybe you just sense a general lack of thriving. 

Before we begin it's worth taking stock of where we are right now as well as where we want to go. So... What's your why? Your answer will serve as an anchor for the rest of the course.

Action Step: 

Take a few minutes to reflect on why you decided to take this course. Where are you currently struggling? What are you hoping to gain? Write down your answers (ideally on an index card or piece of paper) and keep them with you to refer back to throughout the course.

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons