30-day Being + Doing Course

 Learn to manage your time better while becoming the person you want to be.

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About This Course

Being and doing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is when they work together harmoniously that you begin to realize optimal personal growth and impact. Join us for a 30-day course to gain deeper levels of peaceful being and purposeful doing. 

30-Day Being & Doing Couse

1. What's Your Why?

2. Formula For Fulness

3. Focus Isn't Enough

4. A System for Life

5. What's On Your Table?

6. A Deeper Why

7. The Path to Simplicity

8. Embracing Honesty

9. Redefining Success

10. Doing From Home

11. Gratitude

12. Simplicity

13. Intentionality

14. Order

15. Generosity

16. Relationships

17. Reflection

18. Presence

19. Balance

20. Transcendence

21. Start, Stop, Continue

22. To Do List (Master)

23. Warren Buffet Exercise

24. Goal/Project Assessment

25. Master Timeline

26. Time Review

27. Environmental Assessment

28. Fear Vs. Love

29. Courage and Honesty

30. Trust the Process

30 Days

A new lesson is delivered to your inbox each day.

10 Tools

10 practical tools to become more productive and present each day.

15 Minutes

Each virtual lesson is roughly 15 minutes.

How you choose to invest your time is how you choose to spend your life.

What Others are Saying

Life changing for me!


Great course. Will recommend to friends!


Life changing for me!


Great course. Will recommend to friends!


Learn to integrate peaceful being and purposeful doing and discover a better way of life.

This 30-day course can change your life. The ideas it holds have already changed mine. I am a fundamentally different person than I was before encountering the concepts I will share with you throughout the course.

This is not a how-to for the Monk Manual. This course is a how-to for being and doing, for finding a greater sense of fulness and peace in relationship to your time, your work, and yourself. I hope you will join us.

Steven Lawson

Whole Person Productivity Coach,
Founder of the Monk Manual

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