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A 12 Month Pilgrimage to Deeper Peace and Purpose


Monks are the most productive people in the world.

If that sounds wrong, that may be because we’ve misunderstood productivity for centuries. Authentic productivity leads us towards peace, not away from it.

Join us for a 12 month pilgrimage to deeper peace and purpose, and discover how the wisdom of monk living may be exactly what we all need to experience true productivity and a full(er) way of life right now.


Our 12 Month Process will help you:

  • Find deep meaning in your every day
  • Simplify the distractions and take action with peaceful clarity
  • Find alignment and build an inspired life
  • Develop a daily rhythm of purposeful habits
  • Cultivate your gifts and in-born creativity
  • Design a "Personal Rule of Life" that supports your ultimate potential


A 12 Month Pilgrimage to Deeper Peace and Purpose

  • Weekly Video Lessons (Approx. 30 min each)
    Discover a new way of seeing the world, your work, and yourself.
  • Monthly In-Depth Exercises
    Through guided exercises you will come to greater self-awareness and arrive at a "Personal Rule of Life."
  • Gain access to The Peace & Purpose Circle, a private online community (away from Facebook) committed to growing in the Monk Manual 10 Principles.
  • (Live) Group Coaching with Steven Lawson (Monk Manual Founder)
  • (Live) Momentum Groups where you can discern the next step on your path and connect with other members.
  • Monthly inspiration around Themes and Habits
  • BONUS: Access Monk Manual's growing Content Library and continue to grow in peaceful being and purposeful doing.


A 12 Month Pilgrimage to Deeper Peace and Purpose

a month

Cancel Anytime!

Find Your Inner Monk is for those of you who:

Have achieved some of your goals in life, but now are seeking something deeper and more meaningful.

Want to walk alongside like-minded people who inspire you to take the next step on your journey.

Are willing to do the transformative work of growing in personal honesty and awareness.

Believe your life has a spiritual dimension and you want to enhance your positive impact.

Want to learn to trust the process of life here and now, even when the process scares you.

Seek greater alignment between your deeper desires/values and your daily activity.


Founder and Creator of Monk Manual


Steven Lawson is the founder and creator of the Monk Manual, a productivity company on a mission to fix productivity. After spending a decade pushing himself to every limit, he slowed down, looked around and realized something was wrong. Modern productivity had given him all the right answers to the wrong questions, and was robbing him of the two things he was actually seeking - peace and fulfillment.

Determined to find a way of life that accounts for the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—Steven began a journey that led him to develop the Monk Manual. Inspired by the wisdom of monks, and rooted in modern psychology best practices, the Monk Manual is the first of several practical tools designed for peaceful being and purposeful doing. In addition to the Monk Manual Steven serves as a strategic consultant to a number of for-profit and nonprofit companies. Steven's writing and work with the Monk Manual have been featured in Fortune, INC, Thrive Global, CBC News, and a variety of national and international publications. Steven lives in Buffalo, New York with his wife Lauren and their three children.

A New (old) Path to Productivity

Get more things done

Do your most important tasks well

Crush your goals

Realize your deeper desires

Build great habits

Build character habitually

Focus on efficiency

Focus on intentionality and awareness

Grow in knowledge

Grow in wisdom

Cultivate control

Cultivate relationships

Prove your worth

Share your gift


A pilgrim focuses not only on the destination but the journey itself. This year-long process will help you pay attention to your own journey and find deeper alignment with life, its lessons, and its blessings.


How does it work?

Find Your Inner Monk has two central pillars. The first is the weekly video series, where you’ll get a new lesson with practical tips sent directly to you each week. Additionally every fourth week you’ll also work through guided exercises designed to lead you to deeper levels of personal insight and clarity on your journey towards a full(er) life.

The second pillar is our Peace and Purpose Circle. The Peace and Purpose Circle is the place where you will put your learnings into practice within a community of like-minded people. Each month we collectively focus on a theme like gratitude, simplicity, or order and use these themes to help guide our daily life. Within the Peace and Purpose Circle, we also host group coaching events, small group discussions (Momentum Groups), and live expert interviews to help foster continuous growth.

Together, these two pillars not only ensure that you arrive at new insights and understanding, but also that you have the space and guidance necessary to integrate these insights into your everyday life.

What will I learn?

Find Your Inner Monk is not designed to be a quick-fix self-help program. It’s fundamentally about helping you change the way you view your daily work and life so that you can find greater clarity, peace, and purpose. Our 52-week course flows linearly through the following themes:

A New Vision for Productivity

Meaning Making

How Growth Actually Works

Presence in Life

Perpetual Purpose

Eliminating Distractions 

Intentional Focus

The Inspired Life

Rhythm and Routine

Formative Habits

Cultivating Community

Discerning ForwardYour Rule of Life

In addition, you’ll also be gaining new insights from the community and from personal reflection in our live sessions each week. As a Find Your Inner Monk subscriber you gain personal access to the Monk Manual founder, so your specific questions are always able to be answered.

What is the Peace and Purpose Circle?

The Peace and Purpose Circle is a private online community. Within the community we host weekly events, group coaching, and expert interviews—all centered on the 10 Principles of monk living. Every week, we come together to learn and practice the 10 Principles in order to grow in peaceful being and purposeful doing.

How much does it cost?

Find Your Inner Monk is a membership-based program that costs $99 a month for 12 months (cancel anytime.

Find Your Inner Monk can be difficult to contextualize, because it's a unique bundling of content, guidance, and experiences designed to help you build a new way of life. As such, it can be difficult to answer the question - is this really worth it? It can be helpful to break it down into its various components to get a better sense of its value and what you’re actually getting when you sign up…

Weekly Coaching Meetings (Average monthly cost $200-$300)

Guided Course and Exercises - 22+ Hours of Content (Average monthly cost $30-$200)

Private Online Community (Average monthly cost $5-$50)

Content and Tool Library (Average monthly cost $5-$30)

Monthly action steps and exercises (Average monthly cost $10-$50)

When you add everything up, Find Your Inner Monk is a process that compared to other offerings would normally cost between $250-$680 a month. At $99, this process offers a very high of return on life investment. Find Your Inner Monk isn’t for everyone, but for the right individual it will be the perfect aid to help set them on a path to a full(er) life.

If you are discerning whether or not this monthly membership is right for you, reach out to us at and one of our team members will set up some time to answer your questions.

What if I can't afford it?

We understand that for whatever reason some individuals may be unable to attend due to budgetary restrictions. For this reason we also offer scholarships. Scholarships are based on need and commitment to engaging the process. If you are interested in a scholarship please reach out to us at

Does this include 1 on 1 coaching?

The program includes bi-weekly group coaching calls with our founder, Steven Lawson. If you are interested in 1 on 1 coaching please email to join our waitlist.

How long is my commitment?

You can cancel your membership at any time. However, we know members will get the most out of this process when they commit to engaging the lessons and community events on a weekly basis for a full year. This process builds on itself from week to week, and the most profound effects will come from engaging it as a whole. This is not a quick fix, hack your way to a better productivity program. It’s a deep dive into how to engage the world differently so you experience deeper peace and purpose.

How do I join?

You can sign up for Find Your Inner Monk here.

When does it start?

As soon as you sign up you are granted access to the Find Your Inner Monk learning hub as well as the Peace and Purpose Circe community. From here you can access new video lessons each week, engage the community discussion, and join our weekly live events. Have more questions? Email us @