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Day 10 - Doing from Home

What Keeps Us From Our Work

Today we live in an era of rampant distraction. It seems like everyday that passes we are surrounded by more and more noise.

When you're in a fog, you can't see. The reason is because within the air around you is thousands upon thousands small drops of water gently refracting the light. Fog is visual noise that inhibits our depth of vision and perspective. The noise that surrounds us on a daily basis has a similar effect - limiting our ability to see aspects of our lives and world clearly.

Amongst this noise we can find ourselves having a hard time discerning what is most important. Usually the things that are most important are also the things that we are uniquely suited to do. Our important work manifests in the places that feel personal, places where we can't hide, places like our most immediate relationships and commitments. Our most important work also tends to feel threatening because it requires the highest level of vulnerability and personal risk of failing or getting hurt.

Not all work that scares you is important.. but all your most important work will at some point scare you. Grounding yourself in that reality won't take away the fear, but it can help give you the courage necessary to boldly accept your unique path and calling.

Action Step:

What are the roles or activities that you can’t effectively "outsource"? What are the roles or activities where you feel most at home? 

Steven Lawson

Daily Lessons