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Day 16 - Relationships

Relationships drive everything we do.

As infants, we’re born into this world entirely dependent on the them. Throughout childhood and adolescence we turn to relationships to sort out who we are, what we value, and what we want to become.

And as humbling as it may be, this need for relationship doesn’t go away at any age—it simply transforms. Relationships, whether they’re with others, ourselves, nature, or our Higher Power—provide us meaning, purpose, and connection. Just as an infant needs to be nurtured in order to survive, so we need relationships to thrive and live a full life. ... Read remainder of reflection here.

Action Step:

The old adage show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are bears some truth. Think about some of your closest relationships. Who are the people in your life that draw you up to higher things? Who are the people who drag you down to a lower state? How can you be more intentional in these relationships?

Relationships Tips:

- When with friends and loved ones keep your phone on silent. Meals are a great place to start. Try to be fully present.

- Each day write down one person that has taught you something as well as what they’ve taught you.

- Find an accountability partner and begin meeting with them once a week. Find a proven accountability process online or make up your own. 

Steven Lawson

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