Our Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied with your Monk Manual products, send it back to us within 365 days of your purchase, fill out this simple form, and we will refund the purchase price of your products.

For example… you purchase a Monk Manual for $40.00. You send it back to us within 365 days. We refund you $40.00.

That’s it, there is no fine print.

While We Are on the Topic of Guarantees…

We’d like to guarantee a few more things.

With regular use…

We guarantee that the Monk Manual will help you be more honest with yourself.

We guarantee that your experience of your days, weeks, and months will change.

We guarantee that you will be more intentional about what you say yes to and what you say no to.

We guarantee that by slowing down and reflecting you will save countless time as you say no to the projects and goals that you never really cared about anyway.

We guarantee that you will be surprised by how many lessons life is teaching you that you otherwise might have missed.

We guarantee that seemingly simple actions and moments will take on more meaning.

We guarantee that at times you won’t want to fill out your Monk Manual.

We guarantee that you will always be glad after you’ve filled out your Monk Manual.