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Have You Set the Bar Too Low?

What we are attracted to in other people often represents the latent potential that is already lying dormant within us. Think of the people in your life that you look up to. What are the inner qualities they exhibit? Now consider that all these positive qualities are also possible for you and that they may just be waiting to be expressed and honed. Often the path of growth is marked by letting go of false narratives we have in place to define who we are and embracing a full(er) more authentic version of ourselves. The first step is to acknowledge that it's possible we have been setting the bar too low for ourselves.

THIS WEEK: Reflect on the following... In what ways am I holding myself back? Is there a good in me that wants to come out, but I won't let it due to fear or some other reason?


All the best,

Steve Lawson - Monk Manual Founder


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