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Investing Our Time Wisely

Unlike something concrete like money, it’s difficult for us to grasp how our time is truly invested. When we save time, either through efficiency or eliminating the non-essential, we don’t accumulate more time, rather we just spend it on something else. Similarly, when we waste time we don’t go into any quantifiable debt. Time is seemingly always there, and making sense of if we are using it well can be difficult because most of us don’t have a true accounting system for our time. So how can you tell if you're using your time well or not? By its secondary effects on your life. When we reflect on how much joy, peace, and purpose we are experiencing, we get a good sense of if we are investing our time in the right areas.

THIS WEEK: Take some time to reflect on your daily schedule. What might you be able to delete or delegate in order to free up space for more joy, peace, and purpose?


All the best,

Steve Lawson - Monk Manual Founder


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