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Our Aversion to Reflection

Have you ever wondered why we struggle to reflect more, even though you know it would be beneficial? Often our difficulty with reflection has little to do with discipline and everything to do with perception bias. Action is concrete and linear whereas reflection is abstract and winding. As such, acting feels like progress, because it looks like something is happening. When we feel stuck or overwhelmed, we naturally imagine the fastest way out is to act - to slam on the gas - is to attack the problem. But action does not equal outcome. We can spend tremendous amounts of time and energy on the wrong things. If you want to spend more time on reflection, codify the belief that whenever you're stuck in life, it’s likely not going to be the case that you’re not “doing” enough, but rather you are “doing” too much and as a result crowding out the clarity that comes from reflection. Reflection helps us to understand ourselves, our opportunities, and the real nature of the problems we face.

THIS WEEK: What’s something you’re really struggling with right now? Rather than trying to fix the problem through more action, spend this week trying to really understand the problem. What might you be missing? What might be the deeper underlying problem?


All the best,

Steve Lawson - Monk Manual Founder


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