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Understanding What You Truly Want

What is it you want? The simplicity of this question can be misleading. There are a few questions that hold more power when we learn to leverage them in our day-to-day activities. Falling into a behavior you dislike? Ask yourself what is it you really want when you turn to this behavior. Struggling in a relationship? Ask yourself what it is you're looking for from this other person. Struggling in your work? Ask yourself what is it your really want from your work. If you dig deep enough, you will find what you're really looking for wasn’t initially obvious to you. 

THIS WEEK: Pick an area of your life where you're feeling dissatisfied. Ask yourself what it is you're really looking for in this area of your life. When you arrive at an answer, be careful not to place the blame on the people or circumstances of your life for not having what you're looking for. Instead, consider how you might be able to create the experience you seek through your own personal agency.


All the best,

Steve Lawson - Monk Manual Founder


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