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Monk Notes 24 - The Untapped Potential Within You

Everyone and everything in life has a hidden potential.

We can see this by looking at an acorn; who could imagine that within such a small acorn hides a mighty oak tree? Potential is found when we look beyond the surface. There is always much more underneath and beyond what we can see in any given situation.

Learning to see the deeper meaning of the things around you is a lifetime’s work, but you can always begin now — or begin again.

As you look deeper, you will begin to notice that each person is a small part of a larger, connected whole. Everything and everyone has a unique purpose. This means that not only is it possible to identify purpose and see greater potential within others, but also within yourself. This potential is one of the most difficult things to truly see and to hold onto.

You have an unrepeatable purpose that started the moment you came into existence. Up to this moment, you have lived a certain amount of your life and fulfilled some amount of that purpose. But there is still more life before you, and there is undoubtedly an untapped potential within you. No matter your age, there will always be untapped potential that you can still identify, piece by piece, and live into in new ways.

Since the day you were born, you’ve been slowly unfolding your potential over time, understanding it bit by bit — as is the nature of this mystery we call life. Each new day, new week, and new year, you have an opportunity to notice some part of your potential and your purpose that remains unfulfilled, and step into something new. You also have the opportunity to identify the potential within another person and invite them into it. Transcendence means not only grasping the greater whole beyond yourself, but also seeing the hidden potential within yourself.

What is the new work in you that is beginning to sprout?

You are that acorn seed. You are that mighty oak.


All the best,

Steven Lawson

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

- Soren Kierkegaard


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Featured Art: Stack of Wheat (Snow Effect, Overcast Day), Claude Monet (1933)