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Momentum Groups

We’re glad you’re interested in being a part of our Momentum Groups!

First, a bit more context:

These Zoom groups will be a space to share and process your journey of Being and Doing in community with other Monk Manual users, and learn from one another's stories. It’s a weekly 90-minute Zoom call that you can hop into whenever you’re available; so there’s no need to commit on a weekly basis

We’ll gather together in a large group, but the core of the time will be small group discussion (4-5 person groups) in which each person will have a chance to process what they're working through, and we'll each ask each other questions to move toward a fuller life together. 

As this is just getting started, we’re only able to offer two meeting times for now:

Sunday evenings at 5pm PT 

Monday mornings at 9am PT

So we’d love to hear from you either if

  1. You want to be a part of these Momentum Groups. We would put you on a list to let you know as we open up spots, and we’d love to hear what you’d like to get out of Zoom groups like this. We have limited bandwidth in the beginning, so this will be on a “first-come, first-served” basis. 
  2. You would be interested in leading discussion in small breakout groups of 4-5 people. We’ll prepare you well, and it won’t be a big commitment beyond the 90-minute call. You would get first access to these groups as we’ll need more leaders in order to serve more people.

Let us know if you’re interested!
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I’m interested in joining” or “I’m interested in leading a group


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