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The PAR Method

A Daily Rhythm for a Full(er) Life

Modern productivity has led us to believe a fundamental lie.

The lie: action equals progress.

Action alone, even disciplined action, can be misleading. Constant action can act as a placebo for productivity, giving us the illusion of progress. And oftentimes, this illusion of progress comes at the cost of the things that are most important to us—things like peace, connection, contribution and fulfillment.

The illusion of progress - graphic wandering the desert.
People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.
—Thomas Merton

Often we’re told that if we accomplish as much as possible in a day’s time that we’ll feel accomplished come day’s end. However, this approach to life more commonly results in us feeling distracted, drained and perhaps a bit anxious. This blind trust in perpetual goal-setting and action can leave us at the close of a year, decade, or career, asking ourselves what really mattered here?

Most modern productivity thinking focuses us solely on doing—on completing tasks and crushing goals—but no real effort is spent in understanding why we are here, who we are becoming and what matters most.  

Monk Manual in use - graphic language There is only one place to find joy, purpose, & God - the present moment.

What if instead, we took a step back and started asking those bigger questions now and then allowed the insights we gain to influence our actions each day? And what if we built those questions into our daily routine so that every moment matters?

The PAR Method seeks to help us answer those very questions and is the core foundation from which all of Monk Manual’s products are designed. PAR is a daily process that guides the most curious and inspired of doers towards a more meaningful and transcendent human experience.


The PAR Method offers a daily rhythm for peaceful being and purposeful doing.

P: Prepare
Intentionally prepare for your day, week and year.

A: Act
Live through action in the present moment.

R: Reflect
Grow in awareness and insight.

Begin Again

Within the simplicity of the PAR Method lies a powerful engine for growth.

In time, living into the rhythm of Preparation-Action-Reflection becomes second nature, shifting us from action as an end in itself, to action as a means for growth and transcendence. 

The genius of the PAR Method is that it’s a continuous and intuitive cycle that builds on our everyday lived experience. Our attentive preparations influence our actions, which help us to engage every moment with the purpose and freedom that emerge from clarity. Following that day’s plans and actions with reflection helps us to learn the lessons life is presenting to us so that we can grow in awareness and wisdom for living the next day better.

Useable anywhere, the PAR method allows for daily reflection, even on the roof of your car.

As this virtuous cycle repeats, it moves us further along the path of personal growth and fulfillment, teaching us how to engage with every moment we’re given to the fullest.


Get more things done

Do your most important tasks well

Crush your goals

Realize your deeper desires

Build great habits

Build character habitually

Focus on efficiency

Focus on intentionality and awareness

Grow in knowledge

Grow in wisdom

Cultivate control

Cultivate relationships

Prove your worth

Share your gift

Graphic - a waterfall with soft green moss covering cliffs.

Live life full.

The PAR Method is about the potential of life. More specifically, it is about the potential of YOUR life. Everyday, your life tasks present opportunities for both being and doing—of internal growth and external progress. If you are willing to engage this process of life with intention and presence, you will learn to transcend the flat life-of-grind to one that is full of peace, purpose and productivity. Ultimately, you learn to invest your time and unique gifts in your life’s most important work—that of becoming fully yourself and sharing your gifts with the world. 

Monk Manual

The 90 day system for peaceful being and purposeful doing.

The monk manual travels well, as shown fitting in the side pocket of a backpack.