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Companion Journal (Hardcover)
Companion Journal (Hardcover)
Companion Journal (Hardcover)
Companion Journal (Hardcover)
Companion Journal (Hardcover)
Companion Journal (Hardcover)
Companion Journal (Hardcover)
Companion Journal (Hardcover)

Companion Journal (Hardcover)

Textured Linen

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The Companion Journal is beautifully crafted to honor your personal thoughts, insights, and creativity. The Textured Linen Hardcover edition is 176 pages in length, lays flat and comes in three page styles: Ruled, Dot-Grid, and Plain. The journal includes a silk ribbon, an elastic band on the cover, and an interior pocket in the back.

Textured Linen Hardcover

Choose between ruled, dot-grid, or plain pages.
5.5" x 8.5"
176 pages
Elastic Band
Silk Ribbon
Pocket attached to inside of the back cover.
High quality acid-free paper
80 GSM


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The journal for your unique, unrepeatable journey.


Sometimes the source of clarity, encouragement, or comfort comes from being in the presence of a dear friend. Other times wisdom and creativity well up from within and pour onto the page in the restful moments of self reflection.


From the gold foil debossed lettering on the front and back cover to the premium paper and silk ribbon inside, this journal is quality in both form and function. And it’s finished with an matching elastic band to hold and protect your personal notes.


The words journey and journal share the same root, jour ~ French for, “day.” Traditionally “journey” was used to describe the day-to-day happenings of life, and one’s “journal” was a place to collect that experience. Today, journey encompasses something even greater, capturing that deep sense that life is a voyage and we are each on our own unique path of being and becoming.


The Companion Journal is created to walk with you along your unique path of being and becoming. To help you listen to your inner voice, record new discoveries, and grow in wisdom. It’s a space to reflect. To create. To appreciate. To wonder. And to hope. A space to discover yourself, share your gifts, and live full, one day—one step, at a time.