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Sprout Kids Stickers
Sprout Kids Stickers
Sprout Kids Stickers
Sprout Kids Stickers
Sprout Kids Stickers

Sprout Kids Stickers

A Daily System for Peaceful Being and Purposeful Doing

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Our thoughtfully designed Sprout Journal die-cut stickers are a perfect way to remind children of their unique and incredible potential. Get one sticker, or all four, and help a child in your life decorate their world with goodness.

You can choose from the Sprout logo, a wise  owl, a tree ring Sprout logo, or thumbprint frog.

We love these stickers as visually-pleasing reminders to ourselves, but also that they almost always end up being conversation starters.


Sprout Tree-Ring Growth Sticker 3” x 2.83”

Owl Wisdom Sticker 2.22” x 3”

Sprout Green Logo Sticker 3” x 2.88”

Sprout Frog Sticker 3” x 2.49”


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A New (Old) Approach to Fuller Living

peaceful being + purposeful doing

Monks have a clear system of life that enables clarity of action, as well as habits necessary to support full living. The Monk Manual is a daily 90-day planner designed to bring the timeless wisdom of monk living into your everyday life.

The daily, weekly, and monthly pages each serve a specific purpose to help you.

  • Focus on the truly most important things

  • Experience a greater sense of peace and purpose in your daily life

  • Gain personal insight and clarity, all while achieving your goals

  • Find and achieve your higher purpose

Finally a planner that I use!

— Erin C.

Who's it for?

The Monk Manual 90-Day Planner was created for:

  • Working Professionals who value personal growth and see their work as a means towards becoming their best self, not just a paycheck.

  • Entrepreneurs who are heavy on action but lite on time, so they can better live out their personal mission and enjoy the freedom of running their own business.

  • Parents looking for balance and a system to help structure the frenzy of parenthood and their career.

  • Students interested in discovering their purpose and bringing intentionality to their academic and personal lives.

  • Spiritual Seekers looking to live a more integrated spirituality and gain a deeper sense of peace and purpose in their daily life.

I’ve always seen myself as happy, productive, and spiritual, but the Monk Manual took it to another level.

— Kyle K.

How it works

The Monk backbone of the Monk Manual is the PAR Method, short for Prepare, Act, Reflect, meant to parallel the approach of a monk to daily life. The method has three steps.

1. Prepare

Make intentionality foundational. Prepare your mind, heart and schedule each day so that you can focus on the truly most important things and prioritize your life.

2. Act

Act with peace in the present moment. Accomplish your goals and build great habits, with a greater sense of freedom and purpose than ever before.

3. Reflect

Gain insights and walk with God on the path of life. Often our greatest learnings are gained in retrospect. Reflect on the activities and relationships of your life to gain a deeper sense of personal clarity and knowledge.

The Monk Manual 90-day planner is split into three main sections (day, week and month) each with their own unique full page spread.

This is really an answer to a prayer I never knew I had.

— Matthew V.